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Important notice!!

Due to recent attack on our site database, some pages might be broken or missing.

I'm trying to restore the site!! ^^'

2006/12/15 23:04:01

Hiii everyone~

Another update on the site status!! ^^

You all know that my server has been attacked recently (damn those hackerz!!)

I'm trying to restore it as fast as i can!! i really do!! But i've been having problems currently with this so you'll have to wait. I'm sooo sooooooooooooooo sorry for that, plz bear with me ;_; I need to find my backups if they're still intact. Diving into my basement i go~

As for the damage, well, here is what has been affected so far:
- Main site: some of the links are not working! So don't freak out if you press on something and it goes to 404. Also a lot of images are now gone too!!
- Wiki: A loooooOooot of wiki pages are now messed up and some of them are just straight up gone!! I'm trying to rewrite and fix it as fast as i can because as a main lorekeeper of Peppina i can't just leave it as it is >_<
- Forum: A lot of forum posts and topics are gone!! ToT I'll try to restore the forum too but no promises with this one, sorry~~

P.s. If you have any saved copies of the site locally, please send them to me in private messages!! This will significantly help me to restore the site!! ^_^


Site database down.

2006/12/14 18:23:11

Hii everyone!!

I know the site is down!! I'm tryin to fix it please be patient!! >_<


Halloween contest winners and more!! ;)

2006/11/1 11:10:47

Hiiii everyone!!~ ^^

It's time to announce winners of the Halloween art contest, yay!!

First place: xXLatinaIamaXx

Second place: PokeSky85

Third place: NovaPeppina

Thank you everyone for participating!! It was really head to choose who's the best because everyone's drawing are soooo good! The rewards for winners wpuld be send shortly~ ^_^


Contest time!! :O

2006/9/30 17:50:41

Hiii everyone~

It's this time of the year to get out your pumpkins and decorate your yard!!

And i want to announce... A Halloween art contest!~ ^_^

How to enter:

-Draw a halloween-themed picture of Peppina or other characters from the anime~
-Send your drawing in the special forum topic!!
The winners will be announced at the end of the October!


(Or course there will be prizes! :p)

- 1st place: An original poster and a UFO catcher plushie with Peppina from Japan!!

- 2nd place: A poster and keychan with Peppina!

- 3rd place: A poster with Peppina and the other characters!

Wish you all luck!~ ^^



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